Another Day

by Wolf Tech



Another Day is an exploration through time, space, and sound. It invites the listener to escape from the material world and enter a spiritual realm, roaming with multi-dimensional frequencies and super intelligent sound design. Evoking familiar heartwarming feelings through the natural grooves and organic sounds, we travel deeper into the rabbit hole.

Fractal soundscapes drench your space in ecstatic waves of bliss. Unexpected treats unravel in three dimensions before your very ears. From glitched out other worldly sounds to ethereal soothing vibes, this release is sure to entertain your senses in more ways than one.

This EP empowers fans with sensations of energy, emotion, and empathy. Intended to bring us together and remind us of the importance of unity and equality, this masterpiece will live on forever. Wolf Tech creates an exclusive mysterious and magic vibe that the whole tribe wants to join. Everyone is invited to the dance of life.


released February 27, 2017




Wolf Tech UK

Tom chant grew up in mid Wales, UK. Where he listened to the many tales that nature and life could teach him. He grasped this blessing we call life. Everything in this earth has a frequency and resonance, our hearts can tune into these blissful energies/ sound-waves and take us to a higher dimension within our soul, body and minds.

Love and Light to all living creatures... Forever
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