Golden Fractals

by Wolf Tech



Wolfen Technologies - Golden Fractals -: Shanti Planti

Shanti Planti is chuffed to present a Nu-skool-meets-Old English instrumental folktale. This collection of tranquil transmissions and experimental Electronica tunes is the perfect accompaniment for the ever changing seasons. The forest and all entities that are endemic to the ethereal are rejoicing, in the heralding of the newborn Wolfen Technologies album, "Golden Fractals." Hailing from the heart of the UK, this phonic passion project is the bio-digital brainchild of Tom Chant. If you've ever wondered what the most idyllic soundscapes for woodland and countryside gatherings were, then search no further! Let these fanciful frequencies take root and allow yourself to burrow within the thickets of the harmonic hive mind. These universally crafted, introspective beats are inspired by the recurring motifs found in numinous Nature, and they directly dial into the microscopic blueprint of omnipresent existence, the focal point of fractals.

Throughout the nine compositions, oozing melodies and spectral synths oscillate between bouncing basslines, spatial sound design and analog ambiance, to simulate the feeling of floating adrift on the breeze. Bending the term "genre" to his will, Wolfen Technologies explores and seamlessly integrates all different kinds of musical modalities, while staying true to his forte, Glitchy grooves of grandeur. Within this diaphanous realm dubbed 'dreamland', the psychedelic veil is parted and a heaping dose of fantastical funk/multidimensional instrumentation echoes into eternity. Upon your journey, you'll experience how fine the Twine is but nary feel wary, for you are an honoured guest of the faeries. With this new assortment of soothing vibrations, Wolfen Technologies invites you to Spread Your Wings and take flight, in listening to "Golden Fractals," humanity can see glimmers of the otherworld's inner light! SO take a deep breath... In and out. Open your ears, your heart and your mind, lose yourself in this timeless masterpiece.

Grab the artwork in hi resolution here:

Writing by Anthony Della Croce

All art and mastering done by Tom Chant


released November 30, 2014




Wolf Tech UK

Tom chant grew up in mid Wales, UK. Where he listened to the many tales that nature and life could teach him. He grasped this blessing we call life. Everything in this earth has a frequency and resonance, our hearts can tune into these blissful energies/ sound-waves and take us to a higher dimension within our soul, body and minds.

Love and Light to all living creatures... Forever
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