Making up Lost Time

by Wolf Tech



Wolfen Technologies brings you his 3rd EP: Making up Lost Time.

Let your senses become immersed in this silky smooth uplifting EP.

This release brings unheard of ingredients and flavors to the table,creating what is a chilled out and thought evoking sound. The right moment at a festival calls for this conscious awakening pure Love Vibe, which will guide you through a magical journey of spiritual ascendance.

Music has been used as a tool to heighten our states of mind and reality throughout history.Tom really connects with this expressive inner creative voice which is just calling out to test the boundaries of genre-less music.

Blending Glitched up funk with Nuero Hop twisted bass-lines and technical intelligent beats, this release is all about the expression of emotions and inner feelings.

So relax, open your ears, and tune in to the Binarual spine tingling frequencies that lay before you.





Wolf Tech UK

Tom chant grew up in mid Wales, UK. Where he listened to the many tales that nature and life could teach him. He grasped this blessing we call life. Everything in this earth has a frequency and resonance, our hearts can tune into these blissful energies/ sound-waves and take us to a higher dimension within our soul, body and minds.

Love and Light to all living creatures... Forever
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